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    There is only one recorder in network to support all of the recording services for everyone!
    The DVD&CD Burning SDK net version can record anything by intranet/internet, the function is more powerful. It can record data dvd/cd, audio cd, Video cd, DVD Video, mp3 cd and autorun disc.
  Record anything by intranet/internet
  Platforms: win98/me, win2000, win2000 server, XP, 2003 server, Vista, Embedded XP
  Support all Blu-ray disc, include BD-R, BD-R DL, BD-RE, BD-RE DL
  Support CD-R,CD-RW, DVD+/-R, DVD+/-RW, DVD-RAM, DVD+/-R DL disc
  Record any files or folders to dvd and cd very easily.
  Multisession disc recording for DVD/CD and Blu-ray disc.
  Record mp3 and wave files to audio cd, and can rip audio cd to mp3 or wave files.
  Record mpeg files to video cd.
  Record mpeg and vob files to DVD Video (include Mini DVD).
  Record mp3 files to mp3cd.
  Record any files or folders to iso file, record iso file to DVD/CD disc.
  Copy dvd/cd disc automatically.
  Support all types of DVD and CD recorder
  Make use of Dll and OC; Functions can be invocated by any software develop tool.

    In the demo, you can record 50M-byte data to test this SDK. The fee is a one-off payment. There is no quantity and time limit for your released products using the SDK. Updating for the SKD is free. All of function interfaces are friendly. It would not waste any hard disc space.

common version
professional version
advanced version
  Recording by intranet/internet
  Support all windows OS, include Vista
  Support DVD and CD disc
  Support IDE, USB, SCSI Device
  Record ISO and UDF file system
  Blu-Ray supported
  Get informations of disc
  Erase rewritable disc
  Set/Get recorder read and write speed
  Load/Eject device tray
  Get the Vendor Product information Strings of device
  Get the Supported Write Modes of current device
  Record the Image file(*.iso or other standard disc image file) to disc
  Record the files or folders to Data CD
  Record multisession disc
  Record mp3 files to Mp3CD
  Get the current progress when recording disc
  Get the current record file name when recording disc
  Get the error message when recording disc
  Abort to current recording
  Record AutoRun disc for DVD or CD
  Record audio files(*.mp3 or *.wav) to Audio CD
  Record the files or folders to image file(*.iso)
  Get some informations of audio files(*.mp3 or *.wav)
  record multiple DVD/CD's at the same time by intranet/internet
  Record mpeg files to VideoCD disc
  Record mpeg or vob files to DVD Video
  Get Track information in disc
  Save Audio track to mp3 or wave files
  Copy CD/DVD disc
  Distribution model limitations
No limitations
No limitations
No limitations
  Number of projects allowed
  FREE update
  Two-year FREE support
  Applications demo source for VC,Delphi,C#,VB6
    DVD&CD Burning SDK
    DVD&CD Burning SDK Net
    Secret Recorder
    Direct Audio CD
    CD&DVD Analyzer
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