DVD&CD Burning SDK
1 Q: Do your SDK full supports CD/DVD?
A:Yes, our SDK full supports CD/DVD device and disc.
2 Q: Do this SDK have C++ sources?
A:This SDK is coded by C++, and it has VC and Delphi application demo.
3 Q: Do your SDK have Windows XP/ Vista support?
A:Yes, this SDK support 9x/2000/XP/2003/XP/Vista.
4 Q: Do SDK have an option that allows stop recording?
A:Of course, this SDK support the function to stop recording and get current recording progress.
5 Q: Create folders and files images on the fly?
A:Yes, our SDK can record iso or other standard images to disc, also can record folders and files to images file on the fly.
6 Q: Have demo version of the SDK to check its work?
A:You can download the SDK demo from our website. it has vc and delphi demo.

1 Q: Why my Audio CD which i made use BurnGO by MicroPhone can't be played in the CD Player?
A:First your Audio CD may be not closed. you should click the 'close the disc' when you record your Audio CD, if the capacity of this disc is full when you recording your Audio CD, this soft will close the disc automatically.
2 Q: Do i use the CDR or CDRW to Record Audio CD by MicroPhone only, not DVD disc?
A:Yes, now the Audio CD is only support CDR and CDRW in the world.
3.Q: Can i burn the image files(*.iso,*.img,*.nrg,*.vcd,etc) to the disc?
A:Yes, you can click 'Open BCD Files' button in the DataCD window to open the image files, if the iamge file can be identified by this software, you can record it to disc.

CD&DVD Analyzer
1 Q:How do I save the audio track to the wave file(*.wav)?
A:In the main window, Select the audio track in the tree on the left, press the save button, you can save the wave file. also, you can save the audio track to wave file in the TOC window.
2 Q:Can I look the contnts which can not be display in the windows explore?
A:Yes. The MixMode disc, only display the first track content in the windows explore, the CDEXTEA disc and the Multisession , only display the last Session content in the windows explore. this software can analyse all contents in the disc and display to you.
3.Q:Do this software support the DVD disc?
A:Yes. This software support the DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD-RAM disc.

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