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  Direct Audio CD is a software which can record audio CD or mp3/wave files directly by microphone or other sound input devices.the input sound source include microphone,mono mix,stereo mix,cd player,line in, telephone line,etc,. and you can set the keyboard shortcuts to record sound anytime when you want to record sound in the windows system, you must not return to the Direct Audio CD. the main functions include:
1. Direct record sound to CDR or CD-RW by microphone or other audio input device, it can help you to make yourself Karaok audio CD.
2. Direct record sound to mp3 or wave files by microphone or other audio input device.
3. Rip the CD to mp3 or wave files .

  Direct Audio CD supports lots of the devices ,inlcude CDROM,CD-RW,DVDROM,DVD-RW,DVD+R,DVD+RW,DVDRAM.

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