YNET Technology Co., Ltd. was set up in 2005. We are focusing on developing professional and innovative SDK and tools for DVD/CD/BD burning, multimedia data burning and analysis.
    With strong technical background, YNET has released widely accepted software products to global users. All of our products have high quality and awarded praise by our customers, downloaded and to used more than ten million in lots of download websites and featured by most of computer magazines in the world. We are supporting the excellent products and service to global technology companies and users.
    Our products not only support common burning functions, but also encrypt and compress burning, DVD analyse, realtime audio and video burning, burning by network, support all of windows OS and all DVD discs(include all Blu-ray discs).
    Our vision is to become the recognized DVD softwares leader by excellent products and our striving.
    YNET DVD&CD Burning SDK 6.2 has been released, promoted the burn speed a lot, added the function for fast to close the disc when realtime burning, fixed the bug in realtime burning data disc, added the function for encrypt burning, realtime burning DVD Video, multisession Data disc burning in same time and SVCD burning, supported more video format file to record to VCD, DVD Video, it can record data to multiple DVD/CD's at the same time, and fixed the bugs in realtime burning, multi burning, get the progress in Audio CD burning and improved the speed when disc copy.
    YNET DVD&CD Burning SDK Net 5.2 has been released, it can record anything by intranet/internet, There is only one recorder in network to support all of the recording services for everyone! In new version, added the function to record multiple DVD/CD's at the same time by intranet/internet, and fixed the bugs in recording VCD and DVD.
    Direct Audio CD 4.2 has been released, fixed the bugs which can't show the sound input device in some machines, and improved the recording sound quality, maked it fluency and good.     BurnGO 4.1 (free) has been released, change the new UI and added the new functions for burning VCD,SVCD,DVD Video,time-burning and multi-burning.
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